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Hey Peeps, I’m starting a series called FeelGoodFridays – I’m releasing a video every Friday to help you feel better about yourself – whether you’ve had a good or bad week!

Episode #1 deals with how you can overcome those dark days we all go through and how to use that pain to grow! Check it out and let me know what you think. Peace and enjoy the weekend!
Hey Peeps, I’m starting a series called FeelGoodFridays – I’m releasing a video every Friday to help you feel better about yourself – whether you’ve had a good or bad week!

Ep #3 How To Beat The Odds And Do What They Said You Couldn’t with Young Entrepreneur and Triathlete James Headspeath



In this episode I chat with young entrepreneur and triathlete James Headspeath.  James suffered many failures and setbacks in his teenage years – from getting Es in his GCSE’s , to being diagnosed with a condition that would have stopped him exercising as it could have killed him!

In This Episode We Discuss

  • How getting removed from University changed him forever and why he went back
  • Starting a business in University to share his story and how he cold called to get schools to hire him as a speaker!
  • The most important lesson he learned from this failed venture
  • His most important advice when using social media and what NOT to do
  • How his passion for fitness and the triathlon has led to him developing his new nutrition product for athletes
  • Why the mentor is THE MOST important thing in his current success
  • And of course, we finish with the Association Game (with an interesting ending!)

As always, if you liked the show or want to leave feedback, drop something in the comments or find me and James in the links below (where you can find more of Flash Gordon music as well)!


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Ep#2 – 21 Year Old Serial Entrepreneur Jeet Banerjee On Why Age Is Nothing But A Number



In the second episode of the LPB Podcast, we speak to 21 year old serial entrepreneur Jeet Banerjee.  After launching his first business, a digital media agency, when he was 17 Jeet has had an interesting experience both inside and outside of business.  It’s a really interesting chat on the dynamics of being a young entrepreneur and the interesting social and mental pressures that the young and ambitious go through!

In This Episode We Discuss:

  • How listening and watching people who we’re successful was vital in Jeet taking the leap in starting JB Media Force
  • How he cold called 60-70 clients before he even got anywhere!
  • The doubts he had as a young entrepreneur and the times he thought about quitting
  • How he grew JB Media Force from just him to eventually having 15 employees
  • Why he sold the business
  • His Ted Talk (Below) – ‘If Not Now, When?’
  • His problems with and opinion on University
  • The Power of Failure
  • Why an entrepreneur is like a pizza!
  • Top Social Media Tips
  • His new project – StatFuse

 TED Talk – ‘If Not Now, When?’



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Ep #1. Andrew Warner – How To Move Through Fear And Connect With Anyone


In the first episode, we speak to  serial entrepreneur Andrew Warner, founder of Mixergy.Com where he interviews entrepreneurs, both young and old, from all over the world (977 and counting!).   He opens up about his difficulties in starting Mixergy, his ambitions for the future and the key steps in moving through fear.  We also discuss how we met through the legendary Gary Vaynerchuk.




  • The struggle of getting projects of the ground and how a conversation with Andrew led to me finally making the website!
  • How he struggled in the early days of Mixergy to maintain consistency and the steps he took to becoming more consistent
  • Why fear is such a big factor and a simple, yet excellent, bit of advice Andrew uses to take action and move past the doubts
  • How we were connected through legendary entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk and how his authenticity and realness affects us.
  • Andrew gives some great tips on how to connect with anyone, online or offline, and an insight into how he’s able to get his great guests.
  • The most important factor in achieving something great
  • His opinion of the young entrepreneur’s of today
  • We end with the association game and find out when we lost our virginity’s (It has an important relevance I promise!)


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Passion – Why Would You Not Do What You Love?


Why Would You Not Want To Do What You Like?

‘What’s money? A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night and in between does what he wants to do.’ – Bob Dylan

As children we don’t think we just do.  We dance, go out and play football, run around the block or whatever it is.  We’d do these things all day and gain so much enjoyment from it.  We had dreams of being superstars, superheroes even superhuman!

As we get older these things gradually go away for most of us.  We slot into the school system and do what we’re told.  As we finish our school days a lot of the fun things we like to do are not something we love.  Sure we still draw, play football, make music here and there but that’s not something you do full-time.  Or it’s not something you aggressively pursue.  You go to school, go University and get a job (which you probably won’t like – 80% of people want to change their job.  Fact.)

This structured way of doing things is unwinding.  Youth unemployment is higher than it’s been in decades.  University is more expensive than it’s ever been.  So, on one hand, jobs are scarce and training is more expensive??!!

So why not give it a shot?  There’s always going to be pressure from your parents.  Yes you’ll be broke (I can testify!).  And yes, its hard work – and the ups and downs can leave you in tears.  But what’s the alternative?  Waking up unfulfilled everyday a small piece of you just disappearing until the regret overcomes you?  (That’s the number one thing people regretted on their deathbed – the things they didn’t do).

Well it’s not all doom and gloom, good news!  We live in an age where it’s realistic to go after your dream and make money from it.  We live in a technological age where it is possible to reach millions of people who share the same interests/passions as you.  To create value and be rewarded for it.

It doesn’t matter how old you are or what experience you have.  Nick D’Alosio sold his app for $30 million.  Alex Day outsold Justin Timberlake on the first week of album releases (itunes chart).  Was this success overnight?  Did it take years to get there?  Well I think we all know the answer (it’s no and yes just in case!)

What’s more enjoyable than doing what you love though?  Everyday creating something new that creates value (and eventually makes you a nice living!).

I’ve experienced all these factors.  I graduated in July.  I couldn’t get a job.  I was rejected numerous times.  A sign of the times.  It’s the best thing that happened to me.  It has givenme to have the chance to create something that can really bring value.  To do things that I love.  To go on this rollercoaster and learn about myself and others.

I used to sleep in until about 3pm.  I found it so hard to wake up.  When you haven’t got that passion driving you it’s hard.  Now I jump out of bed.  I can run on 3 hours of sleep (not recommended!).

When you hear about entrepreneurs who work 24 hours, the first thought is often ‘Oh he or she works so hard, I don’t know if I can do that’….  Now I know though.  They we’re passionate.  They we’re motivated.  And they loved what they were doing.  Why would you not want to do that?